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This is a master list of all stories I have ever posted to the internet: fanfiction, original, abandoned WIPs, etc. Unfortunately, I don't have all of the fic I've ever written in one place, especially the early stuff, and while I've tried really hard to find everything, I'm sure I've missed a few. So if you come across anything I've written that's not on this list, please let me know! Thanks. ♥

Also, eventually everything that's not at my fic journal will be moved there and links will be updated accordingly.

The OC
-Alone: season 1 Summer/Marissa.
-The First Time He's Really Been Happy: season 1 Ryan/Seth.
-Starting Over: season 1 Seth/Ryan; angsty first person Summer POV.
-Untitled: sequel to "The First Time He's Really Been Happy."
-Tradition: Marissa-centric drabble.
-Untitled: post-season 1 Ryan/Seth.
-Untitled: post-season 1 Ryan/Seth.
-A Day of Surprises: post season 1 Ryan/Seth.
-The Return: post-season 1 Ryan/Seth.
-Secrets and Lies: Ryan/Seth.
-Damage: post-season 1 Ryan/Seth.
-Learn to Cope: post-season 1 gen.
-Cliches and Broken Windows: early season 2 Seth/Summer.
-Captain Oats is Missing!: early season 2 gen.
-Anger: post-season 1 Summer-centric drabble.
-Untitled: early season 2 Ryan/Seth, as told through a conversation between Seth and Marissa.
-In This Together: post-season 1 Summer & Kirsten gen.
-Love is Not a Victory March: early season 1 Ryan/Seth, Ryan/Marissa, Seth/Anna, all in Seth's head.
-Denial: Futurefic; Ryan/Seth.
-Later is Never Unless it's Now, part 1: Alex/Anna.
-Regret: post-season 1 Seth-centric drabble.
-Later is Never Unless it's Now, part 2.
-Love: Lindsay-centric drabble.
-Unnerved: early season 2 Ryan/Seth.
-In Which Seth Gets What's Coming to Him: season 2 Ryan/Seth.
-Under Your Skin: season 2 Ryan/Lindsay.
-Life Uncommon: AU-ish early season 1. Ryan/Sandy, sort of.
-What Goes on in Your Mind: ambiguously season 2 gen.
-Night Sky: late season 2 Theresa-centric gen.
-Bad Habit: season 2 Alex/Marissa.
-Hero/Used: season 1 anti Ryan/Marissa.
-Worth it: season 1 alternate reality Seth/Oliver.
-Ten Thousand Spoons: season 1 alternate reality Ryan/Anna.
-Why Seth Cohen Was Not Meant to Have a Roommate, or Four Little Ways to Drive Seth Crazy: Futurefic, gen.
-Untitled: season 1 Anna-centric gen.
-dark on light: post-season 2 Ryan/Marissa (sort of anti-Ryan/Marissa, actually).
-Hard to Get: season 1 Seth/Summer, Seth/Anna.
-Visions Softly Creeping: season 1 Ryan/Seth as seen by Julie.
-First Christmas: pre-series Caleb/Kirsten's mom drabble.
-Just a Kiss: early season 1; Julie & Jimmy & Kirsten; drabble.
-Graduation Night: post-season 3 Ryan/Marissa.
-On Fire: pre-series Summer/Holly.

Harry Potter
-To See Beauty: post-OotP Remus/Sirius.
-This Hunger, This Restlessness Inside: post-Hogwarts Marauder-era Remus/Sirius, Sirius/?.
-Competing with a Dead Man: post-HBP Remus/Sirius, Remus/Tonks.
-turning saints into the sea: post-HBP Ginny/Tonks with mentions of Remus/Sirius.
-Ten Minutes: Futurefic; Ginny/Tonks.
-five reasons: Ginny/Tonks set somewhere around OotP/HBP.
-Something Like Flying: pre-canon Harry-centric drabble.
-All in the Timing: HBP-era Remus/Tonks with past Remus/Sirius.
-A Lot Like the Snow: post-Marauder-era Remus-centric Remus/Sirius.

-Living for Today: post-show Mark/Roger.
-Ghosts: post-show Maureen/Joanne.
-Down to Six: Mark-centric gen.
-your heart she's mangling: Mark/Maureen, Maureen/Joanne, mentions of Roger/April.

-Ain't Exactly Hidin': pre-Serenity Simon/Kaylee drabble.
-Mental Torture: Companion to "Ain't Exactly Hidin'."
-Keeps Her Flying: post-Serenity River/Mal drabble.
-Becoming Shepherd: Book gen.
-Too Much Holiday Cheer: Mal & Kaylee gen.
-The Cure for Boredom: post-Serenity River gen.

-Breaking Point: early season 2 Dean-centric gen.

-The Real Reason: NRWC-era Ryan/Brendon.
-reminders of home: NRWC-era Ryan gen.
-No, Seriously, Nothing Rhymes With Circus: NRWC-era Panic gen.
-Lessons: NRWC-era Panic gen.
-Seasons Change, but People Don't: early 2007; Panic, FOB & TAI gen with minor Brendon/Pete.
-caricature of intimacy: Ryan & Spencer gen drabble.
-a slice of moon: Pete/Ryan.
-i'm every cliche, but i simply do it best: Panic gen.
-untitled comment ficlet: Jon/Spencer.
-untitled comment ficlet: Jon/Spencer.
-untitled comment ficlet: Ryan/Brendon, Jon/Spencer.
-The Koala Fic, or This One Time We Were in Australia and a Koala Fell in Love with Ryan: Panic gen.
-More Than Curiosity: Ryan/Spencer, minor Brendon/Jon.
-the shape of absence: Brendon/Jon breakup fic.
-Wide-Eyed Browns: Pete/Ryan.
-Out of Tune: Ryan/Brendon.
-In Spite Of: Ryan/Spencer.
-stuck: Panic gen.
-Page 54: Ryan/Jon.
-Quiet Spaces: Brendon/Spencer.
-There's No Light on in Chicago: Jon-centric gen.
-The Real Estate AU: Pete/Ryan, Patrick/Brendon, Jon/Spencer, minor Joe/Greta.

Jonas Brothers RPF
-Untitled: Joe & Nick gen.
-Bark the Words: gen in which Joe is a puppy.

All of my original writing is at [personal profile] adeeperhue.


Abandoned WIPs
The OC
-Tear in Your Hand, part 1: post-season 2 gen.
-Tear in Your Hand, part 2.
-Tear in Your Hand, part 3.
-Anna Comes Back: Anna/Summer.
-Somebody Coming In: Eventual Ryan/Seth.
-untitled: Anna/Summer, <100 words.
-untitled: gen, <100 words.
-For Desire's Sake: anti-Seth/Summer, <100 words.
-untitled: eventual Ryan/Seth; <100 words.
-Untitled: Marissa/Alex.
-Keep Me Posted: Ryan/Anna.
-A Chrismukkah Miracle: Ryan/Seth.
-Untitled: AU season 2, episode 1.

Harry Potter
-untitled: Trio gen, slightly >100 words.
-untitled: eventual Harry/Draco, <100 words.
-Fickle: Remus/Sirius from Peter's POV.

-Why am I the Witness?: post-show Mark/Collins.

Gilmore Girls
-untitled: Rory/Dean.

Queer as Folk
-in your love (my salvation lies): Brian/Justin.

-untitled: season 1 gen, <100 words.

-untitled: Panic gen, <100 words.
-untitled: eventual Ryan/Brendon, just over 100 words.
-untitled: NRWC-era Ryan/Brendon.
-untitled: Ryan & Spencer gen childhood ficlet.
-untitled: Panic gen.
-Game Night: a million bands; a million pairings.
-untitled: Ryan/Brendon/Spencer/Jon.
-untitled: Brendon/Spencer.
-untitled: Brendon/Spencer.
-untitled: Jon/Greta.
-you're the only place that feels like home: eventual Pete/Patrick.
-run away to bali and sell bananas: Pete & Ryan gen.
-untitled: Brendon/Jon.
-untitled: Brendon/Patrick.
-untitled: Ryan/Spencer.
-untitled: Pete dog transformation fic version 1; FOB gen that was eventually going to be Pete/Patrick, Pete/Joe or Pete/Joe/Patrick; I hadn't decided yet.
-untitled: Pete dog transformation fic version 2.
-untitled: Pete dog transformation fic version 3.
-untitled: Ryan/Greta.
-untitled: Brendon/Spencer hotel room porn.

-untitled: Dawson's Creek/The OC that was going to eventually be Jen/Summer.
-untitled: Everwood/Gilmore Girls that was going to eventually be Madison/Lane.

-untitled: Children's story.
-WIP bits: general WIP post; there are pieces of 12 original stories there.

I think my original band should get its own section, because it's in a lot of parts, so
Too Many Bad Puns
-Questionnaire #1
-Potential song titles
-Questionnaire #2
-Interview + story bit
-Story bit
-Story bit
-Story bit
-Story bit
-Story bit


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